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Some of Prince Dr Dapo Abiodun (MFR) One Year Achievements in Ogun State

Our immediate personal reactions to the opposition’s disclaimers. We have not seen any reason anyone will feel disturbed over the one-year achievements of the administration of Prince DR Dapo Abiodun in Ogun state. Going by the popular Yoruba saying “arise ni arika”,

It is obvious that what is being reeled out by the Government media men are what we have seen on the ground despite the obvious economic and social challenges that have hindered the Government activities in the last 4 months.

What seems not clear to us about those critics is the basis for their arguments, whether they are claiming that the achievements of the Governor are not worthy of mentioning or they are disputing the facts of the existence of the achievement.

Are they saying Dapo Abiodun has not done much to address the unacceptable situations of school buildings inherited from the last regime: have we not seen how dilapidated structures of school buildings were being renovated across the state?

Prince Dr Dapo Abiodun

Are the people saying the contracts for the building of additional classrooms to further uplift the standard through SUBEB are just ordinary audio announcements?

Are they saying the ongoing and near completion of 250 low-cost middle-income housing projects in Kemta and few other projects in the Housing ministry is a mere flash of non-existing structure photographs?

Prince Dr Dapo Abiodun

Are they saying the ongoing rehabilitation and renovation of 20 health centres to improve Primary health service delivery at one per local government across the state are lies or jokes?

Are they saying the rehabilitation and renovation plus equipments purchase and delivery to OOUTH that has further improved tertiary health service delivery in the state did not happen afterall.

Are they saying the local government administration in the state has not been re-energised and made functional by this administration in the last one year to deliver dividends of governance at the grassroots?

Are the people telling us the new security trust fund and distribution of those patrol, operational vehicles and motor bikes distributed to the Police and other security outfits in the state to improve state security service logistics were merely been stage managed ?

Prince Dr Dapo Abiodun

If we have not seen many things, we think we have seen a government that has been working to keep the environment clean and tidy which is a clear departure from the old order of a filthy state mostly embarrassing then

Definitely, we are not blind to have seen a well focused Prince Dapo Abiodun administration to democratic principles of governance and separation of power along the three tier of government in the state: a government that has improved the architecture of good governance with improved social and public relations.

As a living witness, we have also seen a lot been achieved in right placing the structural policies of government within the last one year to lay good and solid foundation for improved and equitable infrastructure development .

Are the critics saying those road construction works and palliatives on many roads across Ogun State that we are seeing in place are not real?

Prince Dr Dapo Abiodun

The Institutions of higher learning in Ogun State withing the last one year have seen a renewed commitment of their proprietor and visitor to their development through physical presence at their convocation ceremonies and budgetary allocations.

Are the critics saying they are not aware of the laudable government intervention projects in Agriculture in the state and the various empowerment programs that are giving hopes to thousands of our youth for sustainable income and job creation .

This is just the first year and despite the global Pandemic and economic challenges, the fact that we still have these sectoral projects on the list of the achievements of the Prince Dapo Abiodun administration make one to believe that the government is on the right path to further our growth and development as first among equals in the comity of states in the Federation

A good Saturday evening begins with a pleasant Friday. Congratulations on these few ones we can mention while we expect more land breaking achievements in the next year by the governor.

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