Meet Hon. Commissioner for Special Duties and Inter-Governmental Affairs in Ogun State, Mrs Olufemi Adeyinka Ilori-Oduntan

Honourable Commissioner Olufemi Adeyinka Ilori-Oduntan is one of the noteworthy daughters of Egba in the long life of Ogun State achievers. For some years, her exploits in private enterprises, public service and subsequent political appointments have ensured that her trajectory constantly attracts public attention.

She was born to the late Judge and a living businesswoman from Egba in Ogun State. She is disciplined, principled, clean-living, integrity, proactive in decision making and team dynamics, emotionally mature, bold and confident, and exclaiming influence.

Commissioner for Special Duties and Inter-Governmental Affairs

Before being appointed a cabinet member of the Ogun State Executive Council, she had successfully served through the Ogun State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) and Ogun State House of Assembly Commission (OGHASC).

She spent the central part of her life in the western world. She grew her career as a qualified realtor, in shelter management, accomplished inventor, and professional health scientist in patient health care service, with a solid capacity to lead and manage teams.

Her understanding of the perennial health crisis spurred initiating humanitarian (NGO) services to support less privileged public members in her little capacity.

Commissioner for Special Duties and Inter-Governmental Affairs

As a volunteer for a non-governmental organization (NGO) that provides and supports fewer privileges, Hon. (Mrs.) Olufemi Ilori-Oduntan enjoys humanitarian service, tourism, intellectual debate, politics, helping and assisting the poor, meeting and entertaining people, exchanging ideas, and bonding with old and new friends over leisurely discussions.

She is a traveller, as she sojourned through her part of life. She is happily married to Chief Oduntan and blessed with children.

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